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The all new All MIA Podcast website!

No longer to you need to keep more then 3 book marks to keep up on your favorite League of Legends podcast! Now you can head on over to your one stop for all the podcast news you need:! This blog will no longer be updated, so checking it will be kinda pointless for you! Be sure to book mark our new site and check it often! Theres also an All MIA Podcast webforum set up on the site, so be sure and register!

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Release Notes v1.0.0.82


New patch notes are up for v1.0.0.82! With this patch comes a hand full of new skins and a new hero as usual! This time around though I feel like the skins are a bit lack luster for the new champion. For a champion who is so clearly a throw back to Storm Panda, how is there no Storm Panda style skin? I would have dropped some Riot Points on that skin for sure! Theres a lot of really interesting changes in the notes, and we FINALLY see the return of Spell Vamp! Spirit Visage has been reworked to give 10% healing on all spell damage done (5% for AoE spells). This makes me wonder how well it would work on Jax

Clearly the art team at Riot has seen this picture before.

(even if he is getting a nurf this week) going full AP.

Some of the Non-Kennen related skins are actually pretty cool looking. Ruthless Pantheon is clearly a throw back to Heman. Now we need to see an Orko Skin for Veigar, but who would round out the rest of the Heman crew? Armor of the 5th Age Taric is a pretty obvious nod to Paladin T5 Armor form World of Warcraft. Also, it looks like Ezreal isn’t going to be the only champion with a nod to Robin Hood anymore. Sherwood Forest Ashe has clearly stolen Robin’s cloak and hood! It’s not an impressive skin, but I’d say its better then her classic skin and the White Ashe skin.


I’ll be sure to buy up Kennen tomorrow with the IP points I’ve got stashed away so that we can all have a good talk about our first impressions on the new hero! So far, it seems to be kind of a slow week for LoL after last weeks newstacular! Though we do have a sneak peek at another new Champion coming this Friday. Thankfully its not another Ninja! I think another week of flippin’ out would have done us all in. I’ll be sure to catch as much of the hour long live stream after I get off work Friday night. If at all possible, I’ll find a way to record it and post it up here on the Blog!

Remember, were having Riot Dev. Brackar on the show with us this Sunday night! Be sure to send your questions over to, @allmiapodcast on Twitter, or on the All MIA Podcast Fan Page on Facebook! We’ll gather up your questions and pull out the best (and what ever PR decides we can ask) and fire’m off in our Ask a Dev section near the end of the podcast Sunday night!

Click Read More for the v1.0.0.82 Release Notes!

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The Legend of Urf.

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Livestream Tonight @ 11PM EDT!

Just a reminder for all you listeners out there, were going to be doing a live stream later tonight at 11PM EDT! The usual crew will be there, and we’ve got a lot to talk about! I hope you can all join us even though it is kinda late. If 11PM EDT is to late, don’t you worry! We’ve decided that after this week, we’re moving live recordings to Sunday nights! We haven’t set a time yet, but I’m sure it’ll be more like 8-9PM EDT. We even have a new Livestream Channel for just the Podcast. Right now we have a 50 viewer cap which makes me sad, but once we get some episodes up on the stream we can push for approval for unlimited viewers! After seeing some of the streams around the forums that have been approved for unlimited viewers I’m not worried about our chances of getting approved.

I think that about covers everything. Hope to see you all at 11! Now I’m off to go record this weeks intro, I believe I’ve found a way to play it over live stream/vent so everyone can hear it!


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Become a fan on Facebook!

Just to give you all a heads up, you can become a fan of the podcast on facebook!

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Urf, you will be missed…

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A New Champion Approaches: Kennen, the Heart of the Tempest

(Via the

There exists an ancient order originating in the Ionian Isles dedicated to the preservation of balance. Order, chaos, light, darkness — all things must exist in perfect harmony for such is the way of the universe. This order is known as the Kinkou and it employs a triumvirate of shadow warriors to uphold its causes in the world. Kennen is one of these shadow warriors, entrusted with the sacred duty of Coursing the Sun – tirelessly conveying the justice of the Kinkou.

Kennen was born in Bandle City and it is said that in his first living moments he bolted first from the womb and second from the midwife who delivered him. His parents had thought that he would outgrow his boundless energy, but as he matured, his energy found no limits and was matched only by his unnerving speed. Despite his astonishing gifts, he remained unnoticed (or at least uncaught, as he was quite the prankster) until, on a dare, he ran straight up the great outer wall of the Placidium. When word of this feat reached Kinkou ears, Kennen was quickly and quietly brought for an audience. He found that the role of the Heart of the Tempest suited him, frenetically delivering both the word and the punishments of the Kinkou across the realm. He now works with his fellows Akali and Shen to enforce the balance of Valoran. This hallowed pursuit has unsurprisingly led the triumvirate to the Fields of Justice.

The Heart of the Tempest beats eternal…and those beaten remember eternally.

*Similar to the champion Shen, Kennen uses an energy system, as opposed to mana or health, to cast abilities. This system caps the maximum amount of energy Kennen can have, and regenerates Kennen’s energy very rapidly.

Thundering Shuriken:
Kennen throws a lightning shuriken to a target location, dealing damage and adding a Mark of the Storm debuff to the first enemy it hits.

Electrical Surge:
Passive: Kennen’s weapon becomes charged every few attacks, dealing extra damage and adding a Mark of the Storm debuff on his next attack.
Active: Kennen deals damage and adds another Mark of the Storm to all nearby enemies who currently have a Mark of the Storm debuff on them.

Lightning Rush:
Kennen turns into a pulsating ball of lightning for several seconds, moving incredibly fast and gaining the ability to pass through units. Any enemy unit he touches in this form is dealt damage and receives a Mark of the Storm.

Slicing Maelstrom (ultimate):
Kennen creates a storm of shurikens and lightning around himself, summoning down a powerful energy bolt to a nearby enemy champion every half of a second, dealing damage and adding a Mark of the Storm with each strike.

Mark of the Storm (passive):
Kennen’s abilities add a Mark of the Storm debuff to enemies. Upon reaching 3 stacks of the Mark of the Storm debuff, the enemy is stunned and Kennen receives an energy boost.

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Shen says “GET OVER HERE!” and I can’t help but listen!

New patch coming tomorrow 3/24!

With this new patch comes the new hero Shen, as well as two new skins that make him look vary much like some classic fighting game characters!  I’ll let you figure that out who for your self. Also in with this new patch is a hand full of new skins including Red Barron Corky and Mr. Mundoverse! Both of which look vary vary cool. This is a great week for new stuff on the store, be ready to have your wallets fiscally raped!

The patch notes are REALLY interesting, and I’m sure we’ll have some talking to do about the new Hymer come Monday night! We had a good chat about how we all feel about Flash this past Monday, and it looks like it was just in time for this patch, expect us to touch on that subject once more with this new Flash nurf. You can also expect me to be playing Shen in our Podcast Post Game, seeing as how I can’t help but buy him day one! His skins are far to cool. Check below for the full patch notes list!

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#001 – Push button, Receive Podcast.

March 23, 2010 1 comment

Show Notes for Episode 1 – Push Button, Receive Podcast.

Shen Announcment!


More Gentlemen Cho

Links from our general discussion section:

L0CUST SAYS GOOD BUY and frankly, no one cares.

DBZ Champ! Sarrok, The Saiyan warrior

We are now Beta!


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