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Garen – The Might of Damacia

April 10, 2010 Leave a comment

So I watched the Garen unveiling, and while the chat room was entirely useless, the champion seems really fun to play.

Here’s the current info on him:

Manaless hero. The foil to Katarina.

Passive – Regeneration:
When out of combat for 5 seconds, starts regaining 0.6% HP per second.
Q – Decisive Strike:
2 sec Speed Boost, next auto attack silences and does bonus damage.
W – Commanding Presence:
Passive – Every time you kill a minion gain 0,5 armor and magic resist. Caps at 30 on level 5.
Active – 15-35% damage resist
E – Keeping the Peace:
AoE damage, scales with base damage, whirlwind, unslowable. Does not apply on hit effects.
R – Damacian Justice:
Execute style ability. Deals a small amount of base magic damage and then damage based on the amount of HP the target is missing.

They are also working on a Blood Angels inspired skin. I also didn’t win Riot Points. For shame, for shame.

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