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Release Notes v1.0.0.82


New patch notes are up for v1.0.0.82! With this patch comes a hand full of new skins and a new hero as usual! This time around though I feel like the skins are a bit lack luster for the new champion. For a champion who is so clearly a throw back to Storm Panda, how is there no Storm Panda style skin? I would have dropped some Riot Points on that skin for sure! Theres a lot of really interesting changes in the notes, and we FINALLY see the return of Spell Vamp! Spirit Visage has been reworked to give 10% healing on all spell damage done (5% for AoE spells). This makes me wonder how well it would work on Jax

Clearly the art team at Riot has seen this picture before.

(even if he is getting a nurf this week) going full AP.

Some of the Non-Kennen related skins are actually pretty cool looking. Ruthless Pantheon is clearly a throw back to Heman. Now we need to see an Orko Skin for Veigar, but who would round out the rest of the Heman crew? Armor of the 5th Age Taric is a pretty obvious nod to Paladin T5 Armor form World of Warcraft. Also, it looks like Ezreal isn’t going to be the only champion with a nod to Robin Hood anymore. Sherwood Forest Ashe has clearly stolen Robin’s cloak and hood! It’s not an impressive skin, but I’d say its better then her classic skin and the White Ashe skin.


I’ll be sure to buy up Kennen tomorrow with the IP points I’ve got stashed away so that we can all have a good talk about our first impressions on the new hero! So far, it seems to be kind of a slow week for LoL after last weeks newstacular! Though we do have a sneak peek at another new Champion coming this Friday. Thankfully its not another Ninja! I think another week of flippin’ out would have done us all in. I’ll be sure to catch as much of the hour long live stream after I get off work Friday night. If at all possible, I’ll find a way to record it and post it up here on the Blog!

Remember, were having Riot Dev. Brackar on the show with us this Sunday night! Be sure to send your questions over to, @allmiapodcast on Twitter, or on the All MIA Podcast Fan Page on Facebook! We’ll gather up your questions and pull out the best (and what ever PR decides we can ask) and fire’m off in our Ask a Dev section near the end of the podcast Sunday night!

Click Read More for the v1.0.0.82 Release Notes!

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Show Notes For Episode 3 — 4/5/2010

April 6, 2010 4 comments

All MIA Podcast #003 – Teemo is full of heart!

This was kind of a long cast this week! But we managed to keep it just over an hour. We discussed some of the big changes in LoL this week, such as TT Match Making, and Zilea’s proposed changes to Flash! With this podcast comes the announcement that we will be having LoL Dev Brackar on the show with us for a Q/A session at the end of next weeks podcast! Make sure that you send your questions in to our email address or tweet us some questions to our twitter account @allmiapodcast! We are also changing the days that we do live recordings to Sunday nights, around 8PM EDT. This should help us talk longer, and also help you guys listen longer with out being up to late! Here are the links to some of the things we talked about this week in our Big News section:

Big Changes on the horizon for Flash!

Twisted Treeline Developer Q&A Article with Brackhar

Gamasutra talks in depth with Riot’s Brackhar about the new Twisted Treeline 3v3 map

GameBattles launches League of Legends competitive league

Udyr gets ready for a marathon challenge!

Riot’s Geeves asks for some community recommendations on balance fixes for the new ninja hero, Kennen!

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Livestream Tonight @ 11PM EDT!

Just a reminder for all you listeners out there, were going to be doing a live stream later tonight at 11PM EDT! The usual crew will be there, and we’ve got a lot to talk about! I hope you can all join us even though it is kinda late. If 11PM EDT is to late, don’t you worry! We’ve decided that after this week, we’re moving live recordings to Sunday nights! We haven’t set a time yet, but I’m sure it’ll be more like 8-9PM EDT. We even have a new Livestream Channel for just the Podcast. Right now we have a 50 viewer cap which makes me sad, but once we get some episodes up on the stream we can push for approval for unlimited viewers! After seeing some of the streams around the forums that have been approved for unlimited viewers I’m not worried about our chances of getting approved.

I think that about covers everything. Hope to see you all at 11! Now I’m off to go record this weeks intro, I believe I’ve found a way to play it over live stream/vent so everyone can hear it!


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